Chapter 53 Verses 49
Original text It is He who is the Lord of Sirius.
Problem In some Tafsirs it is written that Sirius was once an object of worship for pagans. It was known by the name “al-shi’raa”, an Arabic name in singular form because it was thought by humans at the time to be a single star. In 1862 it was discovered Sirius was in fact a binary star system; for the sake of accuracy the star was renamed as Sirius A and Sirius B.

If the Quran was authored by an entity with accurate knowledge of the entire universe then it would have known this. If this author never errs then it should talk about Sirius in a dual format rather than repeating the incorrect singular name of those who were ignorant of the facts. The Quran could not be altered 1,200 years later to reflect the actual facts of the universe, but it could have got it factually correct in the first place.

Solution Use the word Sirius in dual form instead of a singular form. In English this would be “those Siriuses” instead of “that Sirius”.
New text It is He who is the Lord of those Sirius.
[al-shi’ratayn] الشعرتين instead of [al-shi’raa] الشعرى
Credit Credit for pointing out this improvement goes to عمرو بن هشام.