Chapter 24 Verse 2
Original text The male zani and the female zani, scourge each one of them a hundred stripes.
Problem The Arabic word used (Zani) can mean either a married person having sex with someone other than their spouse (adulterer), or a person having sex outside of marriage (fornicator.) This has led to confusion where some people say the punishment of 100 lashes only applies to fornicators whereas others say it also applies to adulterers.This has led to numerous married people being stoned to death for adultery (Iran/Afghanistan), with some people claiming the sentence was lawful and others claiming it was unlawful.
Solution Explicitly state married, unmarried, or both.
New text
  • The adulterer and the adulteress, whether married or unmarried, scourge each one of them a hundred stripes.
  • The unmarried fornicators scourge a hundred stripes, the married adulterers stone until dead.