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    2.234 Remove possible rape of widowed prisoners of war

    People have interpreted the words of you/among you to mean that this verse only applies to widows of Muslim men, which means there is no waiting period for sex specified in the Quran which applies to widowed female captives of war.Due to the absence of such a specification it is understood by some that sex with a widowed female captive of war is permissible as soon as she completes her first menstrual cycle, which could be within a matter of days (see hadiths).Arguably, a woman who’s family have been killed cannot be considered to be in a fit mental state to consent to having sex at all, let alone with one of the party of people who killed them.

    70.29 Make sex with slaves by consent only

    See [23.5] Make sex with slaves by consent only.

    23.5 Make sex with slaves by consent only

    These two verses say it is okay to have sex with one’s slaves. Seeing as these slaves were considered property it should be made explicitly clear that this sex should only occur with the slave’s consent.

    4.34 Be clear about men hitting their wives

    There is division over the meaning of this verse. Some say you can hit a your wife as long as it is lightly and not in the face, others say you cannot pass the first two instructions and therefore can never hit your wife. If a man cannot hit his wife then it should be made clear.

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